How to get to Phong Nha cave ?
Currently, Phong Nha cave, Paradise cave & Dark cave are one of three tourist attractions attract the considerable amount of tourists.
Therefore, the below information will be helpful for those who want to experiment this place.
Phong Nha cave:( wet cave)
Phong nha cave is at 45 km distance from Dong Hoi city. It is located in Son Trach commune, Bo Trach district, Quang Binh province.
With the length of 7.729m and the height of 50m, Phong Nha has many branches of large and small grotto including Bi Ky grotto, Tien grotto, Cung Dinh grotto. This is a type of underground river’s cave in the inside with many specific stalactites. Phong Nha is famous for a series of original rock that they are named after natural shapes: lion, elephant, tortoise…Moreover, at 1km distance from entrance is Bi ky grotto. They said that Cham Pa people (Cham Pa Kingdom ) chose this place to worship in the 19th – 21st centuries.

In addition, Phong Nha cave was not only a natural legacy but also a relic system of Ho Chi Minh legendary trail during the aggressive war.
It was used for shelter, as storage, and as a hospital during American War and there are still many scars from that time to be seen on its walls. Today, this place has become an important section of Ho Chi Minh trails.
Specific Instruction:
There are two types of ticket:
1. Entrance ticket
2. Boat ticket ( the dragon boat will take you to visit the cave.)
from Dong Hoi to Phong Nha cave  about 40km , you can go to by motorbike , free time and cheap . please come to Tung Motorbike .
jf you cant driver  motorbike you can get to by car or by tour .