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For guests that stay in Sealand Homestay I offer Tours to the city and places in the surrounding (within about 10 kilometers). We will start at about 2:30 pm and visit the Sand Hills, Nhat Le Beach, Bridge Nhat Le, Gate Quang Binh, beautiful Rice-fields and finish at Dong Hoi Market at about 5:30 pm.\


Welcome to quang binh motorbike rental


Welcome to quang binh motorbike rental


There we can eat some local food together or buy some fish and vegetables. I will help you negotiate the best price. Later we could prepare the food in the kitchen at the Homestay.
You do not need to pay me for guiding you, you only pay for the motorbike and the petrol, which will be around 200.000 Dong altogether. But if you enjoyed the tour and you want to give me a tip in the end, you are welcome.